Office regulations

We kindly ask you to follow the rules prevailing in the Warszawskim Ulu:

  • keep your desk tidy – in particular, use cup coasters
  • carrying dirty dishes into the dishwasher and starting it if you are the last one in the office
  • emptying the washed dishes in the dishwasher when you are the first in the office
  • store your personal belongings in designated places
  • responding to messages displayed on the coffee machine, such as “fill the tank with water”, “pour out the condensate”, “grain fill”.
  • turning off the lights in all rooms after leaving them
  • maintaining order and cleanliness in all rooms
  • compliance with health and safety rules and fire regulations in the use of office and office equipment
  • observe the rules of social coexistence in the office and show friendly relations with colleagues
  • respect for persons and property of third parties and property in the office
  • keep peace and quiet
  • reporting any irregularities in the functioning of the office to the office manager
  • maintain the confidentiality of information about other Users of the office, and not to express opinions and comments that could in any way adversely affect their activities
  • maintaining personal culture in contacts with other Service Users and acting in accordance with the applicable rules of social coexistence

It is forbidden to:

  • transferring keys, IDs or other forms of access to the building and office to third parties
  • withdrawing or sharing access passwords granted by the Owner
  • bringing and consuming alcohol and other stimulants, as well as smoking in the office
  • eating food outside the kitchen
  • using devices that cause excessive noise
  • use of devices that overload the electrical network.

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